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Browse my premade store for pre-designed, ready to go covers that can be up on retailers within 48 hours. These covers are every bit as unique and high quality as my custom designs, and ideal for an author who needs a fast cover.

Turn a premade into a series

Love a premade, but need a series rather than a single cover? Most of my premade covers can be made into a series! Check my prices page for premade continuations and get in touch.

Or commission a new design

If none of my premades fit your genre trope or story concept, I have limited spaces for brand new designs. Prices start at $129 for new design customs - more info on my prices page.

The Cover Your Masterpiece Deserves

With LSK Designs, you'll get a high quality cover that's fully unique to you, designed with years of knowledge of genre and awareness of the current market, so your book will attract readers at a single glance.

About LSK Designs

I love working with LSK Designs! I've bought several customs and pre-mades over the last couple of years. The designer is a delight to work with, and I'm always very pleased with the results. My top two highest-selling books have LSK Designs covers. Highly recommended!

Romy Lockhart

You must get a cover from LSK Designs! Love mine!

D.A. Stein

As a newbie to the indie author scene I am so excited that I met Saruuh with LSK designs. Not only did she make a gorgeous cover and deliver in a timely manner but she was personable and helpful. Truly she is phenomenal!!!

Daria Binx