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If you'd like a premade or custom ebook cover made into a print-ready PDF, you can order a print wrap for $40.

I only design these for LSK covers, and work exclusively with KDP (previously Createspace.) If you need a cover from Ingram or another printer, get in touch - I'm happy for another designer to convert your cover to a wrap provided I okay it first.

For a print wrap, I need the following details emailed to

  • Book trim size - the most common book sizes are 5.5x8.5, 6x9, and 5x8, but I can design a cover for any size KDP prints at
  • Page number - PLEASE only send me your final, formatted page number. Not the number of Word doc pages, or the number of unedited pages, as this could be inaccurate and I'll have to charge a fee for changing the print wrap later
  • Page colour - white or cream
  • Blurb - for the back of your book
  • Any optional author/series logo you want on your back cover

Again, I only design print wraps for KDP.

I also offer audiobook add-ons for all my premade and custom covers. For an audiobook, I need the following details:

  • Narrator to be credited on your cover (if applicable)
  • If you need a specific size of audio cover, otherwise it'll be provided at 2400x2440 px

If your cover has a series icon (usually accompanied with the book number, and a simple symbol like a knife, wolf head, ornamental design) I can make it into a chapter header for you.

I also offer web banner add-ons for all my premade and custom covers, which can be used on social media, newsletter, your website - the possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions, email me at

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